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pable of managing a complete supply chain of caviar, which starts from sturgeon breeding and concludes with the final pac▓kaging of the delicate ro

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e.The consumption of caviar began to pick up in China around 2012, but the bud was nipped the next year due?/p>

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  • s involve▓d in the
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sturgeon farming

18 OCT 2020

?to the anti-graft campaign introduced by the central authorities, which proh▓ibits luxury dining and gift giving with public money.In 2016, as the

14 OCT 2020

fine dining scene▓ gradually revived and Michelin launched its first restaurant review on the Chinese

, processing and fee

Project 1

mainland, piquing keen interest in restaurants at an a▓verage cost of 300 yuan and above, caviar consumption started to gain momentum and soared at a growth rate of 50

Project 1

percent annually, according to the association.Traditionally, caviar production depends mostly on wild fishing by countries surrounding the Caspian Sea, primarily Ira

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